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-Color Pictures-

The Group - The main characters of the manga. Micheal's head is in the background, Gabriel, Sonya, and William are standing in the foreground. This was the very first colored pic for Destiny. It was a watercolor I did....tho I didn't use watercolor paper... O_o;

Micheal in Armour - A watercolor of Micheal in his red fighting armour.

**Angel Within - A beautiful watercolor pic of Micheal and his inner self rising up.


Childhood Micheal - A really crappy sketch of Micheal when he was a kid.

William & Gabriel - This is one of the very first sketches (if not the first) for Destiny. It's a pic of what Gabriel and William originally looked like.

Sonya - This is just a simple sketch of Sonya. It's not a very good pic 'cause she looks too "manish".