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-5/26/02- I've decided to stop working on Destiny. I'm sorry to all who were looking forward to how this comic was unfolding. I've decided to halt work on it for the time being. I plan on picking up the story again at a later point in my life. I just don't want to do a half ass job on this comic. Please understand......please......I will be leaving the site up though for anyone that might care to still look at the comic. I'm sorry for doing this, but it's something I must do for myself. I'm sure many of the webartists out there will understand why......If you'd like to see more of my work you can go here or here. Again, I'm sorry to all who were looking forward to this comic. I'll be back......someday....... =(

-5/3/02- Wowee!!! I'm back so soon! Weird, huh? Well, 4 new pages are up, so go check 'em out! And please give me some feedback......SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!!!!!! >___<

-4/1/02- No fools, this is an actual update! A new beautiful watercolor pic is up in the pictures section and four new pages of manga. Enjoy!

-1/12/01- Ha!! I bet you thought it was gonna be another five months! Well, you were wrong...weren't ya!?! Muwhahahaha!!! Ok.....breath.....Two new pages of manga are up! Go read them and let your confusion & yearning for more grow. Sign the guestbook and let me know what ya think...the more feedback I get, the more pages I'll draw!! XD

-12/21/01- Five months later I make my return!! Muwhahahaha!!! So, it's not quite the end of the week (I guess I was off by a couple of months, eh?)...but I finally have some pages for ya guys!!! The first four pages are up!! And the first one is in color.....ooooooo......ahhhhhh....Well, I don't promise any other updates anytime soon, but maybe if you bug me enough I'll crank some out. Yea, I'm busy with other my main comic that I update weekly.... Well, laterz! ~-^

-7/10/01- I've put up the support page. I only have one banner to link with Destiny at the moment, but I'll try and have more up soon. And I've just written up the begining of the script for Destiny!! Yay!! I'm finally on my way to getting the manga started! Expect to see the first few (very few) pages up by the end of the week! ^-^

-6/29/01- Grand Opening!! Yay!! The only thing up right now is the pictures page, but I promise you that the manga will be up shortly! So stay tuned for Destiny....