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Chibi::Chaos & Wedgies - Oi!! The first Saviors shrine out there! Dedicated to not only Chaos & his wedgies, but to the rest of the manga as well! It's a wonderful little shrine with character info, and some other great stuff as well! Check it out! ^.^

Juuchi::Oh The Chaos! - The second Chaos shrine!! Gee...I guess he's pretty popular, eh? This shrine has fanart, some info, and soon it will have a fanfic! Go check out this cool little shrine now!

Juuchi::TOSBFC - What does TOSBFC stand for? The Official Saviors Bishounen Fan Club! This is Juuchi's club for all you ladies out there that find a certain guy in the comic rather pleasing to the eyes. So, if you're a fan of a certain guy in the comic go check this out!