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~*Fan Writings*~

Kanki:::The Mr. Goldy Song - Oi! I luv Kanki!! She wrote this special little song dedicated to mr. Goldy!! *hugs Kanki* Oh, and did you all know that Kanki is my #1 fan? If you go to her site you'll see her button. Heheh...she's my #1 fan and a very close online friend!! kudos to Kanki! ^.^

**Leigha:::The Goldy Jingle - Another Mr. Goldy song!!! Wicked Awesome!!!! This one goes along to the tune of the goldfish crackers theme. XD

Kanki:::The Story of Mr. Goldy:: 1 - Ahhh!! My first fanfic!! Too cool!! Thankies Kanki!!!! *hugz Kanki* This fic is about Mr. Goldy and his's really good thus far, so go and read it!! ^____^

MoonDragon:::Mr. Goldy's Attention Span - My second fanfic!! AHH!! Thankies so much MoonDragon!!! This is such a great little story! It's about Mr. Goldy and his very, very, very short memory. Enjoy! ^___^