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The Story of Mr. Goldy : Chapter One
By: Kanki

     Hello everyone. It’s me, Mr. Goldy. You know me, the goldfish that Chaos takes such joy in feeding. Well, it’s about time someone took interest in me. A goldfish has a hard life, ya know, it isn’t just a buncha swimming around in circles. So, lemme tell you a little about my life and maybe you will appreciate me a little bit more:

     I was born in a pet shop, beside one of those fake scuba divers. I was the last born, in a group of fifty eggs. I had never meant my parents, some of the fish sharing the tank with us said that they had been bought before we were born. Of course, I didn’t know what being ‘bought’ was, so I just figured that my parents had been eaten.

     Life with fifty brothers and sisters was not easy. When we were fed, they would always eat the biggest pieces of feed. I would always be left with the tiny scraps, which were scattered around the tank. I was forced to swim all around the tank, just to get a decent meal. It always seemed that my turn to sleep inside the small castle landed on the date that the tank was being cleaned.

     As I grew up, I noticed that many of my brothers and sisters began leaving the tank. Once we saw the net enter the tank, we knew that the fish would never be coming back. I finally understood the concept of being ‘bought’. Every fish in our tank tried to look its very best everyday, in hopes of a better life. I could not wait for the chance to be taken away from the overcrowded tanks of the pet store and have my own tank to swim in. I had heard that when you are ‘bought’ you get to live in a huge tank with your own castle to sleep in and as much food as you could ever want. That seemed like heaven to me.

     One fateful day, I saw a young man enter the store and walk directly over our tank. I began to swim around and flap my fins, trying to put on a show for him. He stared at me as I put on a show for him. A few minutes later, the net entered and it chose me! I was so excited and was expecting to be put in a large tank, but instead, I was put in a small bag, with barely enough room to swim. I had no food, no castle, no sand. All I could do was swim. Was this the great life that was supposed to await me after being ‘bought?’ I couldn’t believe this was the life that I must lead for the rest of my pitiful life!

     I was handed over to the young man who took me outside the pet store, into this large machine. He threw me into a seat beside me and pushed a key into a slot. I felt the bag began to vibrate and the next thing I knew, we were moving. I had never experienced anything like this before. It was truly an extraordinary experience.

     But, soon, too soon, the movement stopped. The man picked him up and carried me into a large tent. I heard him mumble something to a young woman. She nodded and he handed me over to her. She held me gently and placed me high on a shelf. She seemed like a kind woman, but she didn’t pay much attention to me. There were a lot of people that came to talk to her. They would hand her some money, I think that’s what it is called, and she would hand them some pointy objects. The people would through the objects at a board below me, trying to pop these balloons. These people seemed extremely happy and idiotic, for the could never pop the balloons, but still smiled and handed the woman more money.

    This was my life for about a week. About once a day, I would get fed this disgusting food and my water would be changed. All I could do was sit and watch the people attempt to pop the balloons. They were all unsuccessful. I could not believe that I was forced to live a life such as this! This was unfair! Where was the never-ending supply of food? Where was my own tank? WHERE WAS MY FREAKING CASTLE?

Stay tuned for Chapter Two: Mr. Goldy meets the cat...dun dun dun...