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The Characters

The Narrator
Name: Marianne
Age: Varies
Occupation: Narrator, manga artist, professional super hero
Personality: Extremely shy around those she doesn't know (or trust), yet very friendly, and warm to those she loves dearly. She is also quite paranoid at times *eyes the room*. Since she is me...I'm not gonna explain much can figure out a good deal of my personality through my different comments around the site and through the comic as well. ^.^
Comments: What do you think my comments are!! I'm the narrator for gosh sakes!! I don't usually like one character above the other, but this time it's's me we're talking about!! Hands down The Narrator is the best character in my eyes. *sweatdrop* ^.^

Age: 15
Occupation: Member of The Saviors
Personality: Shy around those she doesn't know too well (or those she thinks are cute). Around people she knows and loves..loud, fun, exciting. When it comes to fighting in the first battles she always becomes a little nervous...then it hits her (a fist to the face that is..heheh...*bonk*) that she chose to do this...that this is her she then kicks some serious arse (this quickly wears off after the first few battles..and then...then Yeasha's true power begins to be shown...)!! This is one strong's better to be on her good side, then to be in her sights of destruction. ^.^
Comments: I love all of my characters...well...not that creepy was I? Oh right!! Yeasha is one of my faves. ^.^

Age: 15
Occupation: Member of The Saviors
Personality: Shy around people he doesn't know...(geez this sounds familiar, neh?)...but friendly (don't forget loud! *bonk*) around those he does know...and those he cares for too. Very strong, and confident in battle. He (like Yeasha) will take a subtile approach when in serious battles, but in more friendly's a free-for-all!!!! This is one dude ya don't wanna mess with!^.^
Comments: *dreamy gaze* Keero...I mean!!!! *cough* Um...isn't he cute? He's another one of my faves. ^.^

Age: 19
Occupation: Member of The Saviors
Personality: hard to say....usually friendly to everyone (*sigh* even enemies *cough*Chaos*cough*)....not always the brightest of the light bulbs...yet extremely intellegent (yes, that makes perfect sense, so don't tell me that it doesn't). A good fighter...very strong...not over confident in overall good fighter. Um...What more to say?
Comments: What more to say than...Yash!! He's a fav of mine too!!! ^.^

Age: 16
Occupation: Member of The Saviors
Personality: Confident, friendly, an ok fighter...can be a little imaptient at times...likes Wark and Yash....yet she can never have them. can't think of anymore.... *sweatdrop* ^.^
Comments: As my best bud Laura would say..."It's Lana!!!". Yet, another fav of mine...that's gonna be after every comment isn't it? Well, not every comment...

Age: 24
Occupation: ??
Personality: Hmm...likes to flirt with girls all the time, has a bit of an ego problem...thinks he is the hottest guy ever made...likes to make sure that his muscles and his chest are showing as much as possible...hmm...but he's always there to try and help out his friends..even though he sometimes makes more trouble.. ^.^
Comments: Why does everyone like Wark so much? Personally I'm a Keero girl...I think he's the best...but you people...even my little 9 year old male cousin likes him...hmm...well he is one of my favs, so I won't complain. ^.^

Age: 22
Occupation: ambassador
Personality: Ahh...flirts with guys all of the time...likes hot looking guys with lot's of muscles....has mistaken girls for guys *cough*Yeasha*cough* often confused....gets annoyed by Yeasha....would like to help the others, but doesn't know how
Comments: of the very first, original's one of my favs too!!! ^.^ Yea, I'm done now...

Age: 21
Occupation: High ranking official of Destruction Company
Personality: Hee hee...he trys to be evil and strong looking, but just can't do it. He is often freaked out...and gets annoyed by certain people (like Fear...but Fear is actually one of his best buds ^.^)...he want's to kill Yeasha so he won't recieve anymore wedgies, but always seems to truth he thinks Yeasha and her pals are nice though...his true self is actually someone who would never want to kill someone...and..yea! ^.^
Comments: Heheh...poor Chaos...he recieves so many wedgies...*sigh* Lot's of people like Chaos too...but hey so do I!! He is kinda cute, neh? He's one of my definate favs. ^.^

Age: 21
Occupation: High ranking official of Destruction Company
Personality: A nice, cool looking guy...he likes to bug Chaos, but considers him as one of his best friends. He is very protective of his two younger brothers...the only reason he actually joined Destruction Company was because his brothers convinced him to try out for their fighting team...he would much rather be doing something of a kinda more rewarding nature... ^.^
Comments: Oh, Fear...I like this dude, I always have...such a nice person...well, not really, but hey!! Um..a...*sigh* He's right on the side there...his eyes...*sigh* Another one of my definate favs... ^.^

Age: 20
Occupation: High ranking official of Destruction Company
Personality: Hmm...a semi-nice guy, with super cool brothers..he gets annoyed very easily, and hates loud noises...he has somewhat of a mean edge and loves to tease people even more than his brother Fear...and he didin't realize the true nature of Destruction Company's plans until after he joined...he enjoys his job, yet he wishes he had never tried out...
Comments: Ahh, one of Fear's little brothers..not as good looking as either of his brothers, but he's not all bad. ^.^ A little too cocky for my taste, if only he were more like his brothers...but I still like him!! He's one of my favs!! ^.^

Age: 22
Occupation: Second in command of Destruction Company
Personality: Hmm...what to say about this dude? He seems pretty evil and all, but is he really? Hmm...something to think about... ^.^
Comments: Heheh...Wedgie!!! Ahh, the character that distributes the wedgies to poor little Chaos..I myself have always liked Apocalypse..heheh...he's cool in that extremely weird evil type of way....definately a fav of mine. ^.^

The Clown
Age: ---
Occupation: Monster from Destruction Company's Scientisits
Personality: Ahhh!!! Ahhh!!! Noooo!!! I mean...*cough*....this clown is psychotic...'nuff said...
Comments: Ack!! I can't stand the Clown!! He's extremely freaky....*shudder*...This is the only character of mine thus far that I just don't really like...clowns are scarry to begin with, but this clown...*shudder*...

Age: 19
Occupation: ???
Personality: more? He's got a great personality, is a nice guy, and is good looking. He's a lot like his eldest brother, except he doesn't tease nearly as much. He's just a cool character. Oh, and he's a chick magnet.....
Comments: Definatly a fav!!! Slasher is just sooooo cool...I love the different sunglasses he wears!!! :)