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Fear - This is a pic of Fear...he's just kind of lounging around in a windowsill......

Wark - This is an interesting little pic of Wark. My brother and I both agree that it looks as if he were in a swimming pool, but because of the pants it almost looks as if he's lounging on a toilet seat or something... O.o

Lana - As my friend Laura would say, "It's Lana!!! Yay!!". Yep, it's Lana all right....and in her little sailor outfit I might add..heheheh...if Yeasha were to see this she'd fall over... ^.^

Glare - It's a pic of Fear glaring at Mr. Goldy....poor Mr. Goldy....

Mr. Goldy - It's Chaos' beloved fish. ^-^

Sexy Chaos - *drool*'s Chaos just lying on the grass looking up at the sky. No warning or anything....he's wearing pants and a vest..yeppers....he just looks sexy... >:)

Sexy Fear - *drool* Heheh...this is Fear looking so very sexy....again no warning...he's wearing pants...heheh.... >:)

2nd Birthday - I drew this pic up in celebration of the comic's 2nd b-day. I let the celebration go on for about 3 months.....heheheh.....

Boogie Woogie - Boogie woogie 'till ya' just can't boogie no more! Er...yea...It's the clown in his special little outfit....doesn't he look like a pimp? Heheheh..... XD

How Many Hits? - I was shocked to check my counter stats when I announced weekly updates....I found that there were a lot more people was really nice.....Heheheh....I really love this pic! It's all warped and twisted around. >D

Wark & the red chair - A really nice picture of Wark sitting down in a red's a table there too...and a glass o'!!

Wark at the beach - *drools* He looks soooooo good in this pic.....I mean look at him!!!! Yea, the water's hella crappy....but look at him!!!! *drowns in a puddle of drool*

Yash & his cactus - Technically this should go in the spoilers section, but I don't feel like putting it there.....thus it is here!!! I'm still working on the cactus design....I gotta find a design that doesn't make some people think of something besides a cactus.....*cough*

Chaos & Chibi:Wedgie - This was a pic for my friend Chibi. She needed a pic for her little fan site called Chaos & Wedgies, so I drew this nice little pic for her. ^.^

SB, Fear, & Chaos:Time For Fun! - SB was the winner of a contest I held in the GirlZ yahoo club related to The Saviors, so this is her pic! But this isn't the only prize she's gonna be out for her little appearance in the comic sometime soon! ^.^

Wark & AKS - This is a pic of Wark and an online friend of mine. Man...Wark is hot....*drool*

Apocalypse & Ice Queen - This is a pic of Apocalypse and another one of my online friend's. looks like she has a new pet... >:D

Yash & Koneko - This is a pic of the characters Yash & Koneko. It was actually based off a Sailor Moon pic I saw with Sailor Chibi Moon and Helios (is that how ya spell his name?). In a way this pic is somewhat of a spoiler for my comic because Koneko has yet to appear, so I guess all of you are getting a nice sneak peak of some new characters. ^.^

The Saviors - It's The Saviors!! This is a pic of the five beings that are The Saviors. Heheh...don't they look like little kids...well, except for Yash....

The Enemy - It's a pic of the enemy characters..well, The Clown's not there...I really hate that clown....*narrows eyes*

Keero & Yeasha at School - It's Yeasha pulling Keero through the school yard. Heheh...I love stories with crossdressing....

Shon - Notice the last name? Who else has that name? Huh? Lot's o' symbolism in this picture. The hair, the clothing, the eyes, the bubbles....if you can't figure out who this is then you'll just have to ask me..... >)

Marosse - An inked over sketch of Marosse....yup...not sure what else to say....*blink*...*yawn*....ok, I'm done.....

Marosse & Keita - Hee hee....they are such cool characters... XD

Koneko - An ink sketch of Koneko...she's another cool character....

Marosse & Keita - Oooooo...they're in color now....heheheh....I like the ends of their hair..... XP

Family - Koneko, Goggles GT, and their little sister (still haven't come up with a name for her yet =P ).

Spring Flowers - I wanted to draw something related to spring (it was spring at the time) so I drew this! I felt Kiko fit the happy spring image quite well. ^-^

**Koneko - Koneko looking pretty. Heheheh.......She's surrounded by flowers and looks rather hawaiian in this pic. I really like how this turned out. ^___^