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These are links to other comics, art sites, things I'm a part of, or whatever else I wanna put up! ^_^

My other online comic! Be warned...this ain't no Saviors...****note:comic no longer updated**** My personal art chica site thingy check it out!!!!

Online Comic Artist Directory I love this online comic so much! It's so funny! And the art & story is just kick ass!! XD An online manga that takes place in the future.....I forget how far in the future.....but I know it takes place in the future! *sweatdrop* It's a great comic by the way....... Hiromi's excellent manga! It's so good! It's funny, serious, sad,'s everything!!! Go check it out, it's one of my favorites! =) A really well drawn and intriguing manga.....well, it's intriguing to me at least.....  ^___^; An online comic search engine. Add Me!